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Bogota, Colombia

"Entrepreneurship is a fundamental element for innovation dynamics, employment generation as well as productivity generation and economic growth (van Praag & Versloot, 2007). However, women are less likely to start a business (Parker, 2009). Albeit this trend has been slowly changing in recent years (GEM, 2021), female founders seem to be losing out, particularly in the high-growth venture. Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico have some of the most dynamic entrepreneurial activities in the world. However, particularly in Brazil and Chile, the rate of early-stage entrepreneurship is significantly lower for females than for males (GEM, 2021). The fact that the gap in entrepreneurship is visible not only in general but especially among ambitious and high-growth start-ups is worrisome. This report presents a diagnosis of the gender finance gap for start-ups that applied to accelerators, that is, start-ups that operate mostly in the technology sector and have high-growth ambitions. The finding of this report matters to female founders trying to grow their venture, investors who might miss out on more efficient investment opportunities by overlooking female-led ventures, and policy makers who steer macroeconomic policy decisions."


"Nos últimos anos, poucas pesquisas têm focado em investimentos de impacto na América Latina apesar de comunidades crescentes e ativas de investidores de impacto estarem presentes em muitos dos países da região. Este relatório representa um passo em direção ao preenchimento desta lacuna de conhecimento, oferecendo um panorama do setor de investimentos de impacto na América Latina. A primeira parte do relatório traz uma análise regional de tendências gerais de captação de fundos, operações e saídas, com enfoque especial no desenvolvimento de potenciais empreendimentos, assistência técnica, mensuração de impacto, talentos e gênero. Após esse resumo, encontram-se análises aprofundadas sobre investimentos de impacto em três mercados-chave nos quais essa indústria se encontra mais desenvolvida: Brasil, Colômbia e México."


"This report was published as part of an interest in expanding knowledge and contribution to create a more enabling environment for inclusive business. The intentions of this are: firstly, to illustrate how the consideration of BoP communities exclusively through their income levels is limiting and can be misleading for practitioners; and secondly, to develop a series of recommendations to governments and public institutions on how to create an enabling environment for inclusive business models."