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Program Areas

ANDE’s specific program areas include:

Knowledge sharing and networking

In addition to sharing members’ updates and opportunities through our communications channels, ANDE facilitates connections among our network through our member directory and tailored recommendations from ANDE’s dedicated membership team. Our numerous groups are neutral convening spaces for diverse practitioners to share, learn, and collaborate. ANDE also regularly convenes events around the world and virtually, which include webinars, roundtables, and social events where members can gather, learn, and connect.

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Funding opportunities and resources

ANDE will frequently raise funding from donors to regrant to organizations within the SGB ecosystem to test, validate, and scale innovative solutions or expand on proven but critical initiatives to solve the sector’s most pressing challenges. As the coordinator of these grant programs, ANDE seeks to push the sector forward to address local, global, and systemic challenges and facilitate learning that emerge across a variety of different approaches to inform future work in the field.

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ANDE conducts and supports research to answer critical questions for practitioners and funders in the SGB sector. Our Global Accelerator Learning Initiative, State of the Sector reports, entrepreneurial ecosystem snapshots, Knowledge Hub, SGB Evidence Fund, and other research activities fill knowledge gaps for SGB support organizations.

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Impact measurement and management

ANDE is committed to driving transparent, consistent, and high quality measurement of economic, environmental, and social impact in the SGB sector. We regularly hold impact measurement and management convenings and workshops, as well as providing a curated set of tools in our Knowledge Hub.

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Training and talent development

ANDE’s talent development programs build critical skills within member organizations, reduce training costs, and ultimately create a pool of talented leaders in the SGB sector. We offer a two day SGB Investing Orientation Training for those new to the sector or your organization, and an intensive five day Investment Manager Training for mid-level investment officers based in developing economies. We also have several learning labs focused on this theme.

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Advocacy and education

ANDE actively works to drive additional resources toward the SGB sector and improve policies for SGB support around the world. We have become a trusted resource for key constituencies—including investors, governments, multi/bilateral organizations, and the media—that influence investment and development aid decisions.

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Member types

ANDE members generally fall into the following organizational categories:

Capacity development providers

Entities that provide business development and advisory services to SGBs.

Corporations and corporate foundations

Private sector entities that engage SGBs or SGB intermediaries via their business, research, or philanthropic activities.

Development finance institutions and donor agencies

Local, national, or multinational public sector entities that support entrepreneurship through grant-making and other means.


Private foundations and grantmaking nonprofits that provide grant capital to the SGB ecosystem, both to SGBs directly and to SGB intermediaries.


Funds or financial entities that provide capital to SGBs in developing economies. Investments include debt, equity, and quasi-equity and are generally between USD $20,000 and $2 million. In addition, some investor members also provide capacity development services.

Research and advisory service providers

Organizations that provide consulting, research, and advisory services as the main mission of the organization.

ANDE has 228 members working across the globe.


From its global newsletter to its major annual events, ANDE members have access to a multitude of platforms for promoting their work and co-creating knowledge with other members. The ANDE Member Spotlight is a series of short, interview-based blog posts highlighting an ANDE member organization and any new projects, recent investments, or ongoing research with interesting learnings that add value to the ANDE community.

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