The Member Spotlight program stands as a cornerstone of our suite of services, designed to illuminate the remarkable efforts of our member organizations within the Small and Growing Business (SGB) ecosystem. Following a thoughtful evaluation of our traditional format, we are delighted to unveil an evolved initiative that features insightful, interview-based articles and harnesses the compelling formats of video storytelling.

We aim to foster a deeper, more interconnected community by spotlighting the vital contributions of our members. Our team will disseminate the content across ANDE’s digital platforms—our website, social media, and global newsletters—ensuring your organization’s endeavors resonate within and beyond our network.

Let’s center our network’s attention on the work done by our organization. Your involvement will enhance the ANDE community and create opportunities for more collaborative and engaging exploration of the SGB ecosystem. To be chosen as a featured member, please follow the instructions in the form.

Members, please log in with your profile to fill and submit the form.

ANDE PAGE SEPARATORThe Interview Experience

In preparation for our dialogue, we will provide a structured questionnaire and identify critical themes to highlight, crafting an interview that delves into the heart of your organization’s impact on the SGB ecosystem. We envision a conversation lasting around 30 minutes, accompanied by a video—whether professionally produced or a straightforward recording using a smartphone—to enhance the narrative of your story.

Should scheduling prove challenging, an alternative approach allows for a written response to our agreed questionnaire via Google Docs, facilitating a collaborative refinement process before publication. In this scenario, the member is responsible for creating a video, following specific guidelines, which ANDE’s communications team will edit and, together with the text interview, distribute across social media.

divider ANDE color lineDiscussion Blueprint

Organization Overview

Introduce us to your organization and its critical role within the SGB ecosystem.

Recent Focus or Highlight

Share an exciting update or ongoing project that propels your organization towards new frontiers or underscores its dedication to its mission.

   Share an exciting update or ongoing project that propels your organization towards new frontiers or underscores its dedication to its mission.

What’s the backstory?
      •     What inspired this initiative?
      •     What aspects excite you most?
      •     How do you anticipate its evolution?
Connection to ANDE’s Mission

Discuss how your efforts align with ANDE’s critical issues and how our network has bolstered or could enhance your work.

Collaboration and Impact

Explore potential synergies with ANDE members and the wider community. What insights or practices from your experience could benefit others? Also, how would you expect the network to benefit your organization’s goals, reach, and impact? How would you like to rely on ANDE?

Concluding Steps

  • Content Submission

 Kindly submit any pertinent links, photos, or videos, along with a headshot and bio of the interviewee.

  • Review and Publication

You will receive a draft of the Member Spotlight for review. Following your input, we will publish the spotlight on our website and celebrate it across our social media channels.

  • Feedback

Your thoughts on this experience are invaluable. We invite you to share your feedback to refine and enhance the Member Spotlight initiative.

  • Gratitude

Your participation enriches the ANDE community and sets the stage for a more collaborative and visually engaging exploration of the SGB ecosystem. We look forward to showcasing your contributions and stories.