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ANDE South Asia Convening is an initiative to bring this ecosystem of entrepreneur support organizations together to further economic growth and strengthen the SGB ecosystem in South Asia.

The second edition of ANDE SA Convening this year spotlighted the importance of regional collaboration in strengthening the SGB ecosystem.

In preparation for your journey to Phuket, Thailand, for the ANDE Investment Manager Training (IMT) - Asia, we want to provide you with key information regarding visa requirements. This will assist you in planning your trip effectively.

Welcome! We are thrilled to have you join us for our ANDE Investment Manager Training (IMT) - Asia in Phuket, Thailand. To help you plan your trip, here's some essential information for your upcoming experience.

New research from Habitat for Humanity's Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter suggests that there has been a gap of up to US$174 billion in climate tech investments specifically for the built environment over the last ten years.

Preethi Rao—LEAD at Krea University—witnessed at ANDE’s Global Summit last September in Accra, Ghana, passionate and experience-based discussions on bridging finance gaps for women entrepreneurs and connecting craft-based enterprises with markets, paving the way for collaborative South-South solutions and a sustainable impact in the global entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Thank you for joining us. Here’s a compiled list of resources from the convening. Feel free to go through it, save it and share further.

You may want to check out the many events hosted in Dubai by our network! Here is just a sample of entrepreneurship meetings happening at the climate summit.

Read here to learn more about what is sheltertech.

In an era where technology infiltrates every facet of life, the housing sector is not left behind.

In this spotlight, we talk about sustainable and circular initiatives of Enviu and the change they are creating in the society.

Thailand's capital will be the host city for the annual flagship event. With its dynamic business landscape, Bangkok is the perfect setting to explore new entrepreneurship and economic development horizons. 

Connecting Africa's Early-Stage investors ecosystem for a decade and counting!

In the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, ANDE recently spearheaded a pivotal gathering, the "Metrics from the Ground Up" conference.

We need to mobilize finance and technology to empower SGBs in the global climate action framework, advocating for sustainable small business ecosystems and renewable energy integration in agriculture.

Metrics from the Ground Up is a vital forum for bringing together brilliant and innovative minds to address emerging challenges and opportunities in the impact metrics sphere.

Focused on technology access, deployment, and transfer for climate innovators, GBI Director Leena Pishe Thomas presents a new platform enables to "enable the E of ESG." She sees this as a moment for the Global South to grab a leading opportunity to shape global perspectives and markets.

The past five years could be described as “when gender-lens investing became cool.” However, few interventions aim to change investor behavior. 

We can achieve our goals for a world where the entrepreneurship ecosystem serves sustainable development by shifting power and amplifying voices from the Global South. Some reflections after the Annual Conference in Ghana.

The Inclusive Youth Entrepreneurship Guidebook for Esos in Asia and the Pacific is a collaborative effort to promote inclusive entrepreneurship, offering insights, resources, and strategies for ESOs to support young entrepreneurs from underserved communities.These are eight insights derived from a workshop presentation.

ANDE’s Global Conference in Accra highlighted the crucial role of small and growing businesses in meeting the UN SDGs by 2030, stressing the imperative for collaborative efforts to build viable business ecosystems and promote innovative financing to address the estimated $5.2 trillion financing gap for entrepreneurs to grow and succeed in the Global South.

Watch the thought-provoking speech by the Nobel Prize Laureate, Chairman of the Yunus Centre, and founder of Grameen Bank from his home in Bangladesh.

At the heart of the transformative #SCALEWorkshop held in Cambodia on August 18, 9:00-12:00, we extend our gratitude to all participants who enriched the discussions with their insights. As we journey through the dimensions of 'S,' 'C,' 'A,' 'L,' and 'E,' let's illuminate the key takeaways that emerged from this engaging event!

The celebrated Ghanaian musician, vocal philanthropist and agribusiness entrepreneur, spoke and performed in the Annual Global Conference dinner gala.

Watch the conversation between Somachi Chris-Asoluka CEO of The Tony Elumelu Foundation and Richenda Van Leeuwen, ANDE Executive Director speaking about the unique challenges that entrepreneurs in developing countries. This video offers a glimpse on the Annual Global Conference in Ghana to this trailblazer in Accra, Ghana, on September 13.

Introducing Circular Farm's Food System Climate Resilience Initiative aiming to steer actors in the agriculture food value chain towards lowering emissions in the production of food.

What does India's new data privacy legislation means for the small and growing business ecosystem? This webinar co-hosted with ANDE member GameChanger Law Advisors highlighted the key implications, and what the future holds.