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Value for Women
London, United Kingdom
Last updated on 29 May 2024
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Value for Women (VFW) is a women-led global social enterprise that works closely with partners to design and implement research, technical assistance, evaluations, tools and blended capacity-building initiatives focused on impact investing and the SME space, in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Our organization firmly believes in the MSME sector as key for economic and social growth, and that women’s empowerment and gender inclusion are intrinsic to this, as this unlocks women’s potential to drive growth at the individual, family and community levels in emerging economy contexts. We develop close, collaborative, long-term partnerships to identify and test new solutions that drive the impact investment and SME sector forward in order to maximise impact for underserved individuals, and with gender and social inclusion at the core. Our organization was formed 9 years ago out of a keen desire to make gender inclusion a more accessible practice for businesses and impact investors, and to translate that practice into on-the-ground, context-relevant action. We have designed our own cutting edge business model that seeks to drive new ways of doing business; while simultaneously advising partners and clients on how to do the same. We simultaneously offer practical, hands-on, participatory, implementable actions towards holistic research, learning, design of products and services, and evaluation - all with a gender and social inclusion lens. We work with our partners to clearly demonstrate the business case and the social impact value of their work. We seek to combine existing expertise, experience, and knowledge of our partners for innovation; emphasizing economic and social inclusion while addressing immediate needs as well as strategic, long-term interests of the stakeholders our clients serve. Our team participates in key thought leadership on gender lens investing and has acted in diverse advisory capacities for DFIs, donors, corporate foundations, INGOs, banks, SGBs, among others.