M. Cardiff

"Safi Organics is an eco-inclusive enterprise that aims to reverse declining agricultural yields, improve the income and food security of local farmers, and provide opportunities for local youth. Safi Organics has created an agricultural value chain from the local organic waste stream. Using open source technology, the enterprise produces valuable agricultural inputs such as fertiliser and soil treatments designed to meet local conditions.Safi Organics has created a local circular economy that enables farmers to exploit the value of their waste in an environmentally friendly manner, as well as gain access to cheaper fertilisers and soils treatments. Safi Organics also employs a number of local youths, providing them with an income stream, and access to valuable training and experience. This case study is enhanced with short multimedia features that showcase the innovation, the partnership, the support from SEED and the overall impact of the enterprise. It is part of the SEED 2018 Case Study Series, which emanated from the SWITCH Africa Green project "Promoting Eco-Entrepreneurship in Africa", implemented by SEED. This Case Study Series showcases locally-driven, innovative eco-inclusive enterprises which are demonstrating sustainable development on the ground across Africa."