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Berlin, Netherlands
Last updated on 2 Nov 2023
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YSB's goal is to sustainably solve social problems through supporting and fostering the establishment of social businesses worldwide that have a specific focus on vulnerable and underserved communities. YSB pursues this goal from the bottom-up through local social business funds that provide patient and flexible debt financing as well as hands-on growth support to local social businesses. YSB also works from the top-down to guide multinationals to apply their core competencies to some of the greatest human challenges through the power of social business. Since its inception in late 2011, YSB has deployed over US$14 million to 60 social businesses, supporting more than 1,500 social entrepreneurs and creating more than 55,000 jobs in addition to impacting over 9,000,000 customers and beneficiaries. YSB is actively investing and supporting social businesses in Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, Uganda and India, in addition to working on corporate projects all over the world. Our broader YSB network continues to operate in Haiti, Tunisia and the Balkans.