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EcoEnterprises Fund
San Jose, Costa Rica
Last updated on 26 Sep 2022
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EcoEnterprises Fund, a dynamic investment manager with an unparalleled track record of 20 years in the field, launched its third fund under management in May 2018. The Fund provides tailored financing and value-add services to community-based growth businesses that create long-term livelihoods and facilitate resilience in local economies while encouraging the sustainable use of natural resources, the conservation of vulnerable ecosystems and bio-diverse landscapes, and the mitigation of climate risks. In doing so, EcoEnterprises Fund helps companies boost returns, create socio-economic opportunities, and continue to preserve our most important asset: planet Earth. The Fund builds on the success and know-how of two prior funds that have invested in 34 companies in organic agriculture, aquaculture, ecotourism, sustainable forestry, and non-timber forest products. Together, these businesses have created 6,700 jobs, supported 400 community groups, generated economic opportunities for 32,600 suppliers, conserved 10.5 million acres of land, reached half a billion dollars in sales, and benefited over 186,000 local people. As a leader in its distinctive investment niche and emerging markets, the Fund will continue to leverage its in-region presence, its unique and deep pipeline, its industry insights and robust network, and its unique mix of tailored financing and hands-on investment management to achieve strong financial returns for its investors and create meaningful impact.