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Bridge for Billions
New York, United States
Last updated on 23 Aug 2023
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Bridge for Billions (B4B) is a social enterprise (listed as Ashoka Fellows 2017 and Forbes 30 Under 30) that acts as a digital ecosystem of entrepreneurship programs connecting early-stage entrepreneurs to growth opportunities. B4B’s mission is to democratize access to entrepreneurship training and mentoring worldwide. Six years ago, we developed our proprietary software platform that reproduces the traditional in-person incubation journey online, step-by-step, in 3-6 months. Our online program helps simplify the process of building a business by guiding the entrepreneurs and their mentors through a unique and accredited entrepreneurship training pathway. Thanks to this approach, B4B serves holistically the needs of entrepreneurs, by offering practical and experiential business education, personal one-to-one support from experienced mentors from their sectors, and peer-led community support of other like-minded entrepreneurs. As a result, we are also 10 times more affordable than competitive solutions.