As Publisher

"This guide is aimed at helping companies interested in developing business relationships with smallholders. It provides a framework that identi!es common challenges, highlights solutions and shows how these can be implemented through cooperation at different levels. In this way, the guide aims to support company representatives engaging in inclusive agribusiness practices with practical tools and a comprehensive overview of potential solutions and collaborative approaches. Practitioners from development agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), intermediaries and other organisations working to develop and support inclusive agribusiness will also find useful insights here.

The guide can also prove useful for those in related businesses. Agribusiness companies that own land and lease it to smallholders, or which themselves farm the land of smallholders, can also learn about core challenges, organisational models and options for strategic action. Companies offering services to smallholders, including financial, advisory, information or communication services can use the guide to identify how their offers complement other business models."