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Last updated on 5 Apr 2023
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MacArthur is working across multiple sectors to help raise, structure, and deliver catalytic capital to high-impact enterprises and funds. Our goal is to expand the marketplace well beyond what the foundation could achieve with our capital alone and create high-impact investment opportunities for other investors unable or unwilling to engage on their own. We maintain a $500 million allocation. MacArthur’s Impact Investments team has also supported field actors with over $11 million in grants since 2013 focused on field-building and knowledge development to advance a more efficient, inclusive, and effective impact investing ecosystem. Grant funding supports research, networks, and replicable business models. In using our investment capital, our focus is on utilizing the most appropriate tool – debt, equity, guarantees, etc. – to address critical capital gaps, thus increasing the flow of more patient, flexible, risk-tolerant capital. Our impact investment work both spans both geographies (domestic and international) and sectors that are tied to our various programs as well as a broader commitment to helping build and strengthen the field. MacArthur’s existing portfolio is concentrated heavily in housing, Chicago, community development venture capital and community development finance institutions (CDFIs)