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Last updated on 7 Dec 2022
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In 2014 Banamex – the leading financial institution in Mexico – celebrated 130 years with a solid track record of serving individuals, corporations, small and medium enterprises, and governments. Over the past thirteen decades, Banamex has worked tirelessly to meet Mexico’s toughest challenges and seize its great opportunities, striving to create the best outcomes for its customers with high-quality and innovative financial solutions. Working to enable progress in Mexico, Banamex serves yearly 21 million individuals and has 1,600 branches located across the country. Throughout its history, Banamex has demonstrated a far-reaching commitment to building a more prosperous Mexico not only through its role as a financial intermediary, but also as an active philanthropic investor in four core areas: social development, culture, sustainability and education. Through its foundations over the past four years Banamex has invested nearly US$ 8 million in grants to help Mexican micro-entrepreneurs – from farmers to artisans – grow their businesses, and has provided financial education to over 1 million small and growing enterprises. Moreover, reaffirming its commitment to support sustainable economic development, Banamex recently created the Social Entrepreneurship Fund – which will invest in early-stage companies focused on social and environmental impact and aiming to establish models for inclusive business enterprise. Going forward, Banamex seeks to become the leader in social return but, above all, to continue contributing effectively to the economic and social development in Mexico.