"The COVID-19 pandemic has launched the world into unprecedented turbulence and uncertainty. The micro, small and medium sized businesses (MSMEs) that underpin employment and growth in frontier economies have felt the impact on multiple dimensions. By extension, the capital providers that have invested in and financed these enterprises are equally challenged as they seek to support their portfolios in these uncertain times. Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a dearth of capital for MSMEs in LatAm of nearly $1 trillion. COVID-19 has exacerbated this situation and has the potential to undermine many gains made in income and gender equality, growth and employment over the last years. The survey looked into who the impact-orientated capital providers are that finance MSMEs in LatAm; how they look at impact, in particular gender; what their portfolio of small businesses is; what the portfolio’s performance pre COVID was; what their financial and non-financial needs post-COVID look like; and whether any changes and opportunities are arising from the current situation?"