February 26, 2024
Unlocking Creativity at the Omniverse Summit 2024
In Lagos, a nexus for innovation and cultural heritage, the ANDE West Africa chapter is set to participate in the Omniverse Summit on February 28th and 29th. This event will mark the introduction of ANDE Africa’s Cultural and Creative Industry Access to Capital (CCI ACT) Working Group, which is aimed at fostering change within the sector.
Ghana, African Fabrics. Jacek_Sopotnicki from Getty Images
ANDE will discuss how the Orange Economy can transform West Africa’s cultural and creative industries. Traditional fabrics in a shop in Ghana, Jacek_Sopotnicki from Getty Images

ANDE’s initiative seeks to create a collaborative platform for various stakeholders in Nigeria’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, including Entrepreneurship Support Organizations, Business Development Support Organizations, Small and Growing Businesses, Policymakers, and thought leaders.

The goal is to examine the convergence of Nigeria’s burgeoning orange economy with disruptive technologies, a move that could significantly benefit Africa’s cultural and creative sector. ANDE’s focus is on enhancing investment in this area, with an emphasis on inclusivity, sustainability, and gender equality.

The summit will feature a panel discussion on the 28th with key figures such as Em Ekong, Idris Aregbe, Nneka Okekearu, Adenike Adeyemi, and Jay Udo Udoma, who will explore the potential of the Orange Economy to transform West Africa’s cultural and creative industries.

Furthermore, the event will include a “Made in West Africa” fireside chat on the 29th, highlighting the achievements of successful African entrepreneurs and offering insights into the future of the continent’s creative and innovative endeavors.

The launch of the CCI ACT Working Group is a key aspect of ANDE’s strategy to implement practical solutions within the sector. This initiative will focus on:

    •  Promoting gender inclusivity by ensuring equal opportunities and representation for women and marginalized groups in the cultural and creative industries.
    • Advancing climate sustainability by advocating for environmentally friendly practices and using creative mediums to heighten awareness of climate change and environmental preservation.
    • Driving investment into the cultural and creative industries to stimulate growth, innovation, and sustainability, addressing key challenges related to access to capital and support.

As Lagos gears up for this significant event, the focus is on fostering a collaborative environment that can catalyze growth and innovation in Africa’s cultural and creative sectors.