This blog post highlights key local climate and circular initiatives by Enviu which aims to address pressing environmental issues such as textiles waste, energy transition and social inclusivity.

In order to find out more about Enviu’s work, we invite Gigi Mathews, Regional Director – Asia Partnerships to share her views.

Enviu’s key goal and mission

At Enviu, we define our pioneering role by envisioning, ideating, creating, and validating innovative, inclusive solutions.

We aim to cultivate companies that redefine markets, steering them towards a new and progressive standard.

We strive for disruptive solutions that address the system problems, proving their commercial viability. In doing so, we aim to reduce barriers and risks for industries, facilitating the adoption of transformative change.

Through collaboration with a coalition of like-minded and driven partners, we endeavour to build companies that are world-changing

Role of ESOs/SGBs  in combating climate change

Entrepreneur Support Organisations (ESOs) and Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) are pioneering in combating climate change by driving innovation, challenging traditional business paradigms, influencing consumer preferences, and advocating for policies that promote sustainability.

ESOs and SGBs often challenge traditional business norms by prioritising long-term sustainability over short-term gains. This shift in mindset sets an example for the broader business community, influencing corporate practices and encouraging the integration of environmental considerations into business strategies.

Local climate solutions for climate action: Some examples

Local climate solutions are effective, especially in India. They are tailored to address the region’s unique environmental challenges, circumstances and scale. Several new policies and initiatives can be seen in sectors like e-mobility, green transportation, renewable energy, waste management, etc.

I was recently at a global philanthropy and business event in Singapore, and during the keynote, one of the speakers mentioned that India stands as a strong example and a role model in climate solutions.

I can give you examples from our Reweave program in India.

Our new venture, The Good Felt, is working on a solution for post-consumer textile waste by creating high-quality felt. This felt can be used for commercial acoustic building products or fashion and lifestyle accessories. Through our efforts, we turned three metric tons of waste into top-notch products and fulfilled a corporate order. Additionally, we have teamed up with strategic partners to create circular employment opportunities for those engaged in this initiative.

ReTex is changing how the hospitality industry deals with its linens and end-of-life recovery, creating a circular approach by redirecting used hotel linens from landfills. We are collaborating with partners to rejuvenate these linens into new fibres. We have teamed up with two hotels in Chennai and Bangalore for rentals and management and five for waste recovery. Through these efforts, we have diverted around 4.5 tonnes of discarded linens from ending up in landfills.

Circular & Social Urban Mobility: Enviu Mobility, the program designed to cater to the mobility sector in India, works towards building a strong ecosystem to arrive at the intervention points to make the current urban mobility landscape with a focus on material transition, energy transition and social inclusivity. For Bangalore city, we are working with local and national level stakeholders to encourage the transition to EVs, reduce road congestion by using lighter vehicles, and make public transport and infrastructure more efficient to cater to the city’s growing mobility needs.


Pioneering is crucial for shaping sustainable markets. Social entrepreneurship, known for bold and disruptive experimentation and willingness to take big risks, goes beyond conventional barriers, choosing to surpass small steps. Additionally, the inherent risk associated with innovationl.

Funding limitations can hinder the development and scale-up of sustainable initiatives, as financial resources are often directed toward more conventional businesses. Additionally, the inherent risk associated with innovation in startups might deter investors and entrepreneurs from pursuing social ventures.

We have also seen regulatory barriers and a lack of consistent policies supporting green practices may also impede progress.

Finding solutions

Collaboration and knowledge-sharing become crucial in overcoming these challenges as they collectively strive to navigate the complexities of fostering a sustainable and resilient business ecosystem in the face of climate change.

Enviu also emphasises the need for a mature market supporting catalytic capital to propel growth in impact ventures. Overcoming the pioneer gap in social enterprises requires a commitment to long-term, non-traditional risk-taking and prioritising social returns. The power of partnerships, catalytic funds, and rapid learning from failure are highlighted as essential strategies for success. This integrated approach aims to create a sustained and meaningful impact across the social entrepreneurship landscape.

Lessons learnt

Catalytic funds can be a game-changer.

Take a long-term perspective.

The power of partnership is immense & collaboration is key.

The need to fail quickly

Resource recommendations

Platforms like ANDE for collaboration and knowledge sharing. ANDE plays a unique and key role in bringing together ESOs and SGBs from different perspectives and helps increase their effectiveness

The power of partnerships is immense – Partnerships help to share expertise, lower risks, pool resources, and work together for meaningful impact and systemic change.

What is your call to action to other ANDE members?

Engage, Collaborate, Share, Support & Repeat.

Harness the strength of collective impact and a united voice. It’s time for this sector to speak up with a more powerful, collective voice. Advocate with donors, partners, and the government to attract new resources. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

(All photos by Enviu)