The State of Online Small Business Lending: Spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs
Published by: Fundera


“Fundera’s quarterly report, The State of Online Small Business Lending, lets us put all the data we have covering small business eligibility and borrowing trends to good use. The more educated and aware entrepreneurs are, the better decisions they can make when it comes to financing their businesses-we really believe that.

This quarter, we decided to take a closer look at an incredibly important topic: women in the world of small business. When compared to their male counterparts, how eligible are female entrepreneurs for business financing? What sorts of loans do they get, for how much money, and at what rates? Are there substantive differences in categories like credit score, annual revenue, and industry? In short, do women entrepreneurs have a harder time financing their businesses?

Unsurprisingly, the results of our deep dive weren’t too encouraging-but we’re confident that alternative lending can be a platform for greater equality in the business financing industry. Transparency is just the first of many steps, but it’s a vital one.”