Building the Green Economy: Trends and Opportunities for Green Entrepreneurship in Kenya


Climate change and environmental degradation pose a significant threat to Kenya’s economy. The private sector will play a critical role in helping Kenya transition to a green economy, particularly growth-oriented entrepreneurship that can bring new ideas into practice, introduce technical innovations, and create demand for new environmentally friendly goods and services. Green entrepreneurs – those that address climate change and/or create a positive environmental value either through the process of delivering products/services (e.g., utilizing clean technologies) or by providing products or services in a green sector (e.g., waste management ) according to the International Labour Organization (ILO) – tackle climate change from multiple angles.

This report establishes a baseline understanding of the state of green entrepreneurship in Kenya by assessing existing business models, the available financial and technical support for entrepreneurs, and key sectoral issues regarding the policy landscape and market opportunity. The purpose of the study is to inform decision-makers, such as policymakers, donors, investors, and business development service providers, of the primary trends, opportunities, and challenges in the green entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kenya.