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Zevoli Growth Partners
Johannesburg, South Africa
Last updated on 31 Oct 2022
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Zevoli, a boutique consulting firm that assists clients to develop and manage the implementation of customised Enterprise & Supplier Development interventions for high potential black SMMEs, exists to unlock shared value between corporates and communities. Zevoli achieves this by working with clients to find a marriage between business objectives, achieving supplier diversity, building brand equity and actively contributing to entrepreneuship development, job creation and revenue generation in peri-urban, rural and township communities. Zevoli's programmes are generally centred around supporting youth and women entrepreneurship by establishing or further developing these small business in non-traditional areas, such as peri-urban, rural and township areas. This is achieved by equipping the entrepreneurs with technical and business skills and linking them to business opportunities in and around their communities. The aim thereof being to create sustainable and viable small business that not only contribute to income generation for the entrepreneur, but also job creation for community members