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Last updated on 16 Nov 2023
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Sattva Consulting is a 10+ year old organization driven by the mission to end poverty in our lifetime. Our work focuses on scalable solutions for sustainable social impact. We work with our global clientele - foundations, social organizations, government, corporations, investors and philanthropists - to achieve social impact goals effectively and maximize the social return on their investment. Sattva works with clients on research, strategy consulting, program design and management, implementation support, policy / advocacy, impact assessments, social audits, talent solutions, organizational development, and data & technology. Sattva works with SGBs in a wide variety of ways. This has included direct support to SGBs - organizational strategy, structure, go-to-market strategy, market research, product / service development, impact assessments and establishing monitoring & evaluation systems. Sattva also helps build the larger ecosystem - working with philanthropic funders to design and implement programs catered to SGBs, working with impact investors to help conduct impact due diligence and build the capacity of their portfolio organizations, and with other ecosystem stakeholders to generate knowledge and evidence for the larger ecosystem.