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Fundacion WWB Colombia
Cali, Colombia
Last updated on 23 Jan 2023
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In 1982 Fundación WWB Colombia was founded in Cali, a city in southwestern Colombia. Its initial purpose was to support women microentrepreneurs in situations of socio-economic vulnerability, through the promotion of financial inclusion, mainly through the provision of microcredits. In 2011, Fundación WWB Colombia created the microfinance institution Banco W and started working beyond financial inclusion, developing a tailor made training program covering four dimensions, i.e. financial and digital literacy, leadership, and entrepreneurship, in order to strengthen empowerment processes of entrepreneur women with small business living under vulnerable conditions. Additionally, Fundacion develops projects and programs for the promotion of high quality research as well as social impact investments that contribute to the closing of gender gaps for women. Capacity building through training, research and social impact investments are the the three fundamental axes of Fundacións work that contribute the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s) related to the end of poverty (SDG#1), quality education (SDG#4), gender equality and women's empowerment (SDG #5), dDecent work and sustained economic growth (SDG #8) and that related to the reductionof inequality within and among countries (SDG#10)