Latin America Climate Learning Labs
February 22, 2024- December 30, 2024
Start Date February 22, 2024
End Date December 30, 2024
Location Online
Climate Taskforce: Learning Labs

Welcome to the forefront of environmental innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship with ANDE in Latin America!

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The Significance of our Learning Labs

Join us in our mission at the LATAM Learning Lab on Climate and Environmental Action!

At ANDE, we are at the forefront of supporting entrepreneurship ecosystems across Latin America. We are thrilled to extend this exclusive invitation to organizations that share a special interest and expertise in environmental sustainability.

For Entrepreneurial Support Organizations (ESOs) in Latin America, our Learning Labs are more than just platforms; they are catalysts for change, steering the green transformation our world urgently needs.

Meticulously designed, these Learning Labs foster a culture of knowledge exchange and collaborative learning. They are a repository of insights, tools, and best practices, empowering our members to effectively support and accelerate the growth of green businesses.

Beyond Knowledge Sharing

Our Learning Labs are vibrant hubs for networking and collaboration, bringing together diverse stakeholders. They are platforms for members to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the green sector, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to navigate this rapidly evolving field.

Why it Matters

In addressing regional climate concerns, our Learning Labs will form an expert group. The syllabus, collaboratively developed by the Climate and Environmental Action Taskforce, targets crucial knowledge gaps within our network.

Key Topics

The significance of green business and the imperative of transitioning to it
Financing models specific to Latin America
Taxonomy and evidence related to green business models
Management and measurement indicators of green businesses.

Who Can Participate

Led by ANDE’s LATAM chapters, these sessions transcend borders. We welcome all ANDE members, partners, and experts driven by a shared passion for climate-conscious change.

How to Participate

Active engagement is key to our Learning Labs.  The inaugural session in partnership with Climate Kic: Unlocking Green Opportunities: A Comprehensive Guide for Entrepreneurial Support Organizations to Foster Sustainable Business Innovations, commenced September 5.

Subsequent sessions will follow every two months until the end of 2024. To participate, kindly complete the Zoom registration for the next session.

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Defining Twin Transition Entrepreneurship

Defining Twin Transition Entrepreneurship: What does digital and sustainable entrepreneurship mean? Thursday, February 22nd

The Digital Transformation Center of the German Technical Cooperation in Mexico will lead this session, defining twin transition and discussing how it can thrive in the Mexican ecosystem. Register here.

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