ANDE's members leadership
The Executive Committee

ANDE is governed by two bodies, the Aspen Institute and the ANDE Executive Committee. As ANDE operates under the non-profit status of the Aspen Institute, the official bylaws of the organization are the Aspen Institute bylaws and the Aspen Institute maintains fiduciary and legal oversight. The ANDE Executive Committee is composed of leaders from ANDE’s diverse membership and provides strategic direction and operational oversight.

CEO, ACT Foundation
Executive Director, Argidius Foundation
Executive Director, Netherlands Food Partnership
CEO, Value for Women
Executive VP, Aspen Institute
Executive Director of Artemisia
Co-Founder and CEO, African Management Institute
Director, Impact Investing, Omidyar Network
Founder & CEO, Niara Advisory (South Africa)
CEO, Villgro Innovations Foundation
Founder and CEO, Entrepreneurship To The Point and Property Point
Global Entrepreneurship Director, TechnoServe