ANDE’s Access to Green Finance Project
Waste and Circularity Investor Cohort

ANDE and the IKEA Foundation launched the second phase of a partnership to improve access to finance for waste and circularity enterprises in India and Kenya.

As part of this initiative, ANDE aims to unify forward-thinking investors dedicated to seeding early-stage ventures in waste management and the circular economy. The project will support investors interested in waste and circularity through a series of activities to improve their knowledge, networks, and strategies around investing in the sector.


Who Should Join?

The cohort seeks to assemble organizations keen on deepening their market insights and readiness to channel investments into nascent waste and circularity enterprises within Kenya and India. Ideal members are those investors who either have a track record in these sectors or are exploring opportunities to contribute to environmental sustainability. A particular emphasis is placed on locally-based investors, fostering a community deeply rooted in the regions it serves.

What to Expect?

Participants will engage in a curated suite of activities designed to enhance their understanding of waste and circularity business models, equip them with the tools to measure the impact of various waste management business models, and connect them to ecosystem actors who might provide a pipeline of investable businesses.


Key Features of the Program:

Investment Manager Training

Cohort members will benefit from a bespoke version of ANDE’s Investment Manager Training (IMT), tailored specifically to the nuances of waste and circularity, scheduled for 2024 and 2025 in India and Kenya.

Sector Investment Guides

ANDE is working with experts to produce detailed guides on investing in the waste and circularity sectors in India and Kenya, poised to serve as the go-to resource for cohort members and the wider public.

Investor – ESO Workshops

A series of collaborative workshops will provide a platform for investors and entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs) to refine investment strategies, share insights, and brainstorm on how to improve the pipeline of investment-ready enterprises emerging from accelerators and incubators.

Impact Measurement and Management Capacity Building

A focus on impact measurement and management (IMM) will provide investors with the tools to quantify and enhance the societal and environmental impacts of their investments.


Get Involved:

Ready to make a tangible impact on the future of our planet? If you’re an investor working in India or Kenya and are interested in participating in the cohort, you can apply to be part of this transformative initiative.

For further information about ANDE’s Access to Green Finance Project, please contact: