Unlocking Capital for Social Good: New Guide Empowers Impact Investors in India
ANDE and TrustLaw legal explainer empowers impact investors to navigate India’s Social Stock Exchange and fund social enterprises tackling critical challenges.

SSE ExplainerIndia faces a pressing need for significant investment to achieve its 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and address climate change. In this context, impact investing, which combines philanthropic and commercial capital, offers a practical solution to tackle critical social issues. The development of a Social Stock Exchange (SSE) and updated regulatory frameworks aim to increase funding for social enterprises, fostering their expansion.

ANDE South Asia, in collaboration with TrustLaw, has published a guide designed to assist both local and international impact investors in utilizing the SSE to invest effectively in Indian social enterprises. This comprehensive guide provides detailed advice on navigating the exchange, facilitating the growth of businesses dedicated to social improvement.

The initiative aims to enhance capital availability for enterprises tackling India’s most pressing challenges, offering a strategic resource for investors seeking to contribute to sustainable development through their investment choices.

To access the guide and learn more about participating in India’s social investment landscape, visit ANDE’s resource hub.