March 1, 2017
The Importance of Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) in Small and Growing Business (SGB) Support

With the theme of Catalysing Local Metrics and Impact Assessment, ANDE South Africa’s Metrics Learning Lab strives to build and enhance the capacity of member organisations in South Africa who support SGBs in the measurement of their social and environmental performance.

Structured as a neutral platform to connect practitioners to innovative new methods, emerging industry standards and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) experts, ANDE
South Africa’s Metrics Learning Lab has proven to be a powerful tool for participants to learn and collaborate on topics such as measuring outcomes, measuring along the ‘impact value chain’ and creating a culture of measurement.

The Learning Lab has covered quarterly in-person meetings in Johannesburg and Cape Town, webinars and the fostering of collaborative projects among members.
In addition, a two-day event, “Metrics from the Ground Up” hosted in Nairobi, Kenya with the ANDE East Africa Metrics Learning Lab, exposed practitioners across the continent to practical tools, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and locally relevant impact measurement conversations.

Photo by Lina Loos on Unsplash

Photo by Lina Loos on Unsplash