Staff Member
Rachel Wanyoike
Managing Director, Solidaridad East and Central Africa

Ms Rachel Wanyoike is a dedicated sustainability professional and the Managing Director at Solidaridad East and Central Africa. She possesses a wealth of experience in conceptualizing and executing impactful sustainable development projects across sub-Saharan Africa. Her expertise extends to various areas, including policy planning, strategy development, risk management, fundraising, and proficient project management. Her focus lies in driving sustainable livelihoods and economic growth, fostering private sector development, and
empowering women and youth to achieve socio-economic empowerment. With a desire to promote positive change, she proactively advocates for the advancement of sustainable livelihoods, fairer value distribution, as well as gender and social inclusivity within local communities. Her commitment to multi-stakeholder engagement ensures that diverse perspectives contribute to well-rounded decision-making and inclusive solutions. Her track record reflects her unwavering commitment to sustainable development, positioning her as an asset to the partners, beneficiaries, and stakeholders she serves. Her academic background includes an LLB Honours from the University of Kent, as well as a MSc in Public Policy and Human Development (double degree) from Maastricht University and the United Nations University.