Staff Member
Joshua Elias
Director of Finance and Operations, Anza

Joshua, a CPA (T) with an MBA in Corporate Management, has played a pivotal role in steering Anza’s growth over the past 7 years as the Chief Operations Officer. In this capacity, he has overseen all aspects of strategy, operations, and financial controls. With a wealth of experience exceeding 17 years, Joshua brings expertise in business development support, financial management, auditing, and taxation.

In addition to his role as COO, Joshua has served as a university lecturer and a professional trainer for CPA candidates for over a decade, offering valuable practical insights to entrepreneurs seeking financial and management expertise. His dedication to supporting entrepreneurs is evident in his assistance to over 2500 small and medium-sized businesses in Tanzania.

As a serial entrepreneur, Joshua is driven by a passion for enhancing the compliance and operational efficiency of businesses, making a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial landscape.