Staff Member
Ercília Mata Ubisse
Regional Chapter Head, Southern Africa

Ercília Mata Ubisse came to ANDE from a career spanning almost two decades in the for-profit International Development sector. Her experience in fundraising includes the design and implementation of business development strategies centered on partnerships with multilateral and bilateral donors, as well as private and public sector actors. She has supported teams across multiple geographies (Mozambique, South Africa, Kenya, USA, UK), and technical sectors (Agriculture, Climate Change, Early Child Development, Energy, Finance, Infrastructure, Nutrition). She has also assisted small and large organizations in rethinking and redesigning efficient business operations systems.

Ercília is passionate about elevating the role and representation of Africa’s indigenous talents and resources, with particular emphasis on Women and Girls. Prior to ANDE, Ercilia was a Director in Mozambique’s first local women-owned consulting firm where she promoted the implementation of sustainable and systemic development practices for economic growth. She also led national network organizations advocating for market systems development and monitoring and evaluation in efforts to drive the delivery and measurement of tangible impact from development interventions. She holds a degree in Tourism Management from the University of Pretoria, South Africa.