ANDE's Access to Green Finance Project
Waste & Circularity Policy Working Groups

ANDE and the IKEA Foundation launched the second phase of a partnership to improve access to finance for waste and circularity enterprises in India and Kenya.

As part of this initiative, engagement with policymakers and other relevant stakeholders is an essential area of focus. ANDE will facilitate public-private dialogue, help identify and strengthen needed policy formulation/reform, and enhance collaboration among ecosystem stakeholders at national, county, and state levels in Kenya and India.

Through a series of policy advocacy and communications activities, ANDE aims to:

    1. Bolster the entrepreneurial ecosystems for waste management and circular economy SGBs in India and Kenya.
    2. Synthesize evidence to feed into policies enabling enterprises and catalyzing the waste and circularity sectors.

About the Policy Working Groups

ANDE will partner with local advocacy partner organizations in India and Kenya to connect 20+ public and private ecosystem actors, validate policy recommendations, and advocate for policy reform in the waste management and circular economy sectors. These groups will work with key stakeholders to tackle policy challenges affecting  waste management and circular economy SGBs, including reducing barriers and increasing incentives for enterprises to formalize and attract financing.

The working group model is designed to engage a wide variety of ecosystem actors – such as subject matter experts, entrepreneur support organizations, investors, green entrepreneurs, NGOs, and associations – to advise on policy priorities at the national and sub-national level. The working group will draft policy documents for each country to serve as the basis for this advocacy agenda.


Goals of the Policy Working Groups

    • Create a forum for stakeholders to network, build partnerships, share their experiences, and learn more about the waste and circularity sectors in both countries.
    • Provide expert advice and feedback on waste and circular economy programs, policies, and planning and how they can support small and growing businesses to formalize, scale and access financing.
    • Develop at least one policy brief/whitepaper and practical guidelines to inform the future development of the waste and circularity sectors in each country.
    • Validate the outputs of other components of ANDE and the IKEA Foundation’s Access to Green Finance project, including waste management and circular economy investment guides.

Get Involved

If you are interested in applying to join a country Working Group or want to learn more about ANDE’s Access to Green Finance Project, please contact: