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Last updated on 22 May 2024
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SRC is a private sector company working with local private sector firms as well as international organizations Smart Regional Consultants (SRC) is a Kenyan private sector company working with local private sector firms as well as international organizations affiliated with MSMEs, Cooperatives, Saccos, groups and Financial Institutions (FIs), to undertake the implementation of various business development activities, aimed at creating and expanding social and economic opportunities for MSMEs, FIs, and communities. SRC has 11 year’s experience in managing multi-objective projects with development partners and private sector partners that are in line with its core business aimed at creating and expanding social and economic opportunities for enterprises and communities. SRC established in 2012, is domiciled in Kenya with Headquarters in Nairobi and an Incubation center in Northern Kenya - Isiolo County to serve SMEs in marginalized communities. Our suite of services to MSMEs, Cooperatives, Saccos and groups includes handholding, business coaching and mentorship on the following key areas; 1) Operational Efficiency: Strategy and Operational Effectiveness, Finance Function Effectiveness -establishment of financial management systems including book-keeping and recording, internal controls, financial monitoring and financial policies and procedures; Establishment of business operational processes/ supply chain management systems; Human Resource Management; Marketing and Sales; Governance structures and Workforce development. 2) Investor readiness: Packaging each SME to meet the needs of financial institutions (FIs) to access finance for operations through developing pitch decks and financial projections. We facilitate linkage for FIs and investor ready SMEs to access affordable and innovative financial services and products. Through our work, we have linked SMEs to access over $10M in finance in the last 2.5 years. 3) Strengthening the Supply Chain & Route to Customer: Value addition and processing; Wholesale and retail penetration; Identifying reliable sources at reasonable prices; Establishing reliable transport linkages, Market and Brand Presence. 4) Incubate SME’s; SRC has an incubation hub in Isiolo County to undertake in Isiolo that supports startup SMEs. Currently on a 2 year program supporting 2,400 women and youth in business located in Isiolo and Marsabit counties SRC Objectives: 1) To provide professional-level business, entrepreneurship development, and training support services to SMEs including cooperatives and small holder farmers who wouldn’t normally access these services, so that their businesses can compete in larger commercial markets. 2) To facilitate access to affordable and innovative financial services and products to SMEs who are not able to access mainstream commercial finance. 3) To facilitate access to supply chain aggregation platforms to commercialize primary producers’ products, which allows them to concentrate on what they are good at and outsource the non-core business processes. The firm has operated in Kenya for 11 years and has experience in supporting cooperatives and mSMEs in livestock, horticulture, trade, financial services, and beverages sectors. SRC has developed on the ground competency by working closely with SMEs, smallholder farmers, and cooperatives and their service providers within different sectors. This experience has assisted our staff and consultants in keenly understanding the challenges that SMEs in various sectors face to access credit and markets. It has also enhanced our belief that the commercialization of the value chain by empowering cooperatives, Saccos, SMEs, and smallholder farmers, within those value chains improves returns to these entrepreneurs and builds in sustainability for the value chain.