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Samawati Capital Partners Limited
Last updated on 20 Mar 2024
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Samawati Capital Partners is an Africa-based impact investment and advisory firm whose purpose is to direct capital strategically to the private sector in Africa, so it becomes a catalyst for sustainable growth and development across the region. We are an experienced team of investment and development professionals based in Nairobi and Kampala with a diversified network of local experts in more than 20 key markets across Sub-Saharan Africa. Samawati partners with investors, non-profits, businesses, and the public sector to create sound investments and effective, sustainable impact initiatives through SMEs in sectors that can drive robust growth in Africa including food and agribusiness, renewable energy, financial inclusion, healthcare, and education. Services: We leverage our deep expertise in SME development, financial inclusion, and impact investment to offer innovative, client-centered, and impact-driven solutions to companies, investors, non-profit and public institutions within the Big Five Sectors through: - Investment advisory: we support impact investors & funds to design their investment strategies and identify & invest in the most attractive opportunities. We advise them on fund strategy & support them on deal sourcing, structuring, due diligence, execution & monitoring of their investment portfolios. - Impact advisory: we support impact-focused public & private sector players to conceptualize, design, implement, and manage sustainable impact initiatives. - Asset management: we partner with like-minded asset managers, investors, and non-profits to structure and manage impact-first investment vehicles.