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Samawati Capital Partners Limited
Last updated on 25 Apr 2023
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We are an impact-focused investment & advisory firm focused on enabling sustainable growth and development across the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region. We focus on what we believe are the “Big Five” sectors of growth in Africa, namely food & agribusiness, renewable energy, financial inclusion, healthcare, & education, as well as cross-cutting topics such as climate change, WASH, circular economy, gender (lens) approach, tech-enabled business models et al. Our purpose is to direct optimal capacity & capital to the private sector within the Big Five sectors in Africa hence enabling it to become a catalyst for sustainable growth & development. We leverage our deep expertise in SME development, financial inclusion, and impact investment to offer innovative, client-centered, and impact-driven solutions to companies, investors, non-profit and public institutions within the Big Five Sectors through: 1. Investment advisory: we support impact investors & funds to design their investment strategy, identify & invest in the most attractive opportunities. We advise them on fund strategy & support them on deal sourcing, structuring, due diligence, execution & monitoring of their investment portfolios. 2. Impact advisory: we support impact-focused public & private sector players to conceptualize, design, implement, and manage sustainable impact initiatives. 3. Asset management: we partner with like-minded asset managers, investors and non-profits to structure and manage impact-first investment vehicles.