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ICE (Entrepreneurial Citizenship Institute)
Last updated on 3 Apr 2023
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Founded by a group of entrepreneurs at the end of the 90s, ICE (Entrepreneurial Citizenship Institute) is a civil society organization that has as its mission to engage change leaders in community development. The Institute works in three priority areas: Local Development, Social Business and Social Finance. On Local Development the Institute believes that the communities have the power to transform their own reality and promote their own development, which is why the projects are implemented with a Local Community Development approach. In the area of Social Business the main goal is to influence people and organizations from the social business ecosystem to change approaches to maximizing social impact. On Social Finance the main goal is to strengthen and transform the investment community based on a new approach to using finance resources to achieve social and/or environmental benefits. All the Institute's work is documented, systemized and evaluated so that we can constantly improve our projects, and produce knowledge based on our experiences and that of our partners to reduce poverty and improve the lives of Brazilian citizens.