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Guatemala City, Guatemala
Last updated on 1 Apr 2024
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FundaSistemas believes that viable, self-sufficient social businesses can be a powerful engine of economic transformation. We invest and support those businesses willing to commit to move along the Organizational Development Pathway, because they want to overcome poverty issues by improving not only their businesses, but also the way they think and behave as sustainable learning organizations. We will be working with more than 140 of these groups in the next four years. We have become convinced that the key to help start-up organizations mature to self-sufficiency is embedded in the way PEOPLE learn HOW to make decisions and manage risks together. FundaSistemas’ self-organizing systems methodology builds this capacity within each organization. But improving business conditions is not enough to create profound behavioral changes in the way people think, raise their families, nourish their children, take care of their community needs, and protect their natural environment. Learning systems thinking skills is what allows us to invest in long term Profound Change Initiatives and view our business growth as connected to this profound societal change.