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EYElliance works to accelerate equitable access to eyeglasses and their life-changing benefits for the one billion people who need them. We apply four mutually reinforcing strategies to drive change: 1) Government Delivery - we enable governments to efficiently integrate eyeglasses into public health and education; 2) Sustainable Financing - We influence and increase new financing within the public and private sectors; 3) Catalytic Partnerships - We grow the ecosystem of champions that join in the solution and accelerate global scale; 4) Institutional Advocacy - We ensure that the issue area is prioritized on the agendas of key actors within global development. The global optical sector currently fails to meet the needs of the nearly one billion consumers that need glasses. As many as 90% of these individuals live in low- and middle-income countries where access to high-quality glasses is limited. Retail optical businesses in these countries have historically only served high income customers with price points starting at US$100. This is unaffordable for most. As part of our sustainable financing strategy, EYElliance provides investment facilitation and business building support to small and growing businesses and entrepreneurs in the market to meet the needs of potential investors. EYElliance bridges the gap between capital seekers and capital providers to catalyze inclusive retail optical. We do so by reducing transaction costs for investors by creating comfort with investments in retail optical and supporting growing entrepreneurs in their capital raising efforts. Through an accelerator approach we provide tools, mentorship and a scaling playbook to allow entrepreneurs to adapt & replicate a successful optical business model in their geography to meet the needs of low and middle income consumers.