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Johannesburg, South Africa
Last updated on 23 Jan 2023
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Property Point is Growthpoint Properties’ enterprise and supplier development initiative. We run two programmes: Two-year incubation programme for select SMEs: The intensive course supports SGBs over a period of two years. The model is based on three main pillars which include Business Development Support, Access to Finance and Access to Markets. By focusing on these pillars, our programme empowers both the entrepreneur and their business through specific interventions they need to ensure long term sustainability. Interventions include skills training sessions, industry-specific mentorship, one-on-one coaching and facilitating business links. They are tailored or sourced from specialists in each area to meet an SMEs specific needs. By working with procurement professionals, our team takes the time to understand the opportunity-holders needs, in doing this, we assist SGBs to align their services effectively and become procurement-ready. Information platform – To The Point sessions: Property Point’s general information programme is made up of a series of informative workshops called “To The Point” sessions. These sessions are held monthly and are hosted by specialists in their fields of expertise. They share high-quality practical information that entrepreneurs can use in their businesses easily and immediately. Sessions are open to all interested entrepreneurs and topics include how to access funding, compliance, governance and marketing, and many others. They share practical information of a high quality which entrepreneurs can implement into their businesses easily.