Delivering Capacity Building
Equipping Ethiopian business advisory service providers with the tools and expertise to deliver world-class support.

ANDE’s goal with MS4G is to enhance the capabilities of the Ethiopian Business Advisory Service Providers Association (EBASPA) through strategy workshops and mentorship focused on cultivating robust business models. These sessions aim to help EBASPA define clear objectives, articulate compelling value propositions, and identify essential capabilities. The ultimate goal is to foster the development of effective business support services and enable EBASPA to provide consistent, systematic support to its members and the broader ecosystem.

The workshops employ various strategic frameworks to assist EBASPA in refining its operations, including membership engagement, value delivery, partnership dynamics, service delivery channels, revenue generation strategies, key operational activities, resource management, and cost analysis.

These strategic sessions are designed to strengthen EBASPA’s capacity to evaluate its current business model, identify potential threats and opportunities, explore and assess alternative models, and conduct ongoing experiments to align with the chosen strategic direction.

Moreover, ANDE will conduct quarterly mentoring sessions to enhance EBASPA leadership’s skills in collaboration, knowledge sharing, membership engagement, and promoting network diversity and inclusion.