January 1, 2015
Membership FAQ

1. I’m an SGB or an interested supporter! Can I join ANDE?

Our membership is only for intermediary organizations, not SGBs themselves, and membership is by organization, not individual. If you are an SGB seeking support, refer to our Member Map to find organizations who might have resources to offer.

2. We do amazing work with entrepreneurs in a developed country (U.S., Canada, Western Europe, etc). We still think we would benefit from membership. Can we join?

ANDE focuses our work exclusively on developing economies. Many of our members work also in developed countries, but to qualify for membership, you should have significant programming focused on supporting entrepreneurs in developing economies.

3. Do you provide membership discounts for small or new organizations?

Our dues are tiered so that members of certain organizational types or in certain geographies pay a reduced rate. If you are currently unable to afford the fees, you might not yet have the bandwidth to fully take advantage of your membership benefits. We encourage you to sign up for updates, stay in touch, and apply when you are a bit further along in your growth stage.

4. How many staff members have access to my organization’s membership?

All of them! We encourage all staff of ANDE member organizations to request a login, create a profile, and take advantage of all of your member benefits.

5. As a member, are there additional fees for events or trainings? If I’m not a member, can I still attend events or trainings?

We work to keep membership dues as low as possible and only want you to pay for what you use. Therefore, members will see additional fees for trainings and certain events. However, members receive first priority in registration for public events and we try to keep fees significantly discounted for members.

6. I’m already a member of another network. How are you different?

ANDE takes an ecosystem approach. We believe that by working with many types of organizations across industries, we can ultimately support SGBs in a more efficient and productive manner.