East and Southeast Asia Chapter
Acceleration Learning Lab

This learning lab aims to address the gap in data about the effectiveness of accelerators, focusing on the East and Southeast Asia region.

This learning lab aims to address the gap in data about the effectiveness of accelerators. ANDE’s ESEA chapter regularly supports research to deepen accelerator and incubator programs in the region.

The learning lab builds on the work of ANDE’s Global Accelerator Learning Initiative (GALI). Since 2013, GALI has been working with accelerator programs around the world to collect and analyze data describing the many entrepreneurs that they attract and support.

Activities have included a GALI roadshow, roundtable, fail faire, and meet-ups and other peer-to-peer learning convenings to foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders in accelerator and incubator programs. Sessions are complemented by GALI research data, insights, and recommendations to guide our members and non-members in understanding the landscape and effectiveness of ESEA accelerators and incubators and exploring how to level the field in terms of access to these programs, ultimately strengthening the SGBs ecosystem.

Recap from the learning lab sessions 2021

23-02-21 Accelerators Fail Faire: Collaboration and Partnership
We hosted a peer-to-peer learning session on collaborations in acceleration. Accelerator representatives shared their experiences working with: 1) entrepreneurs, 2) funders/investors, and 3) their accelerator peers. The session took the format of a ‘Fail Faire’, so you had a chance to hear speakers examine their mistakes and more importantly, what they have learned with the next steps. A celebration of failure was as a symbol of innovation and risk-taking in pushing the boundaries of acceleration.

20-05-21 Global Accelerator Learning Initiative: What the data tells us
ANDE launched 2 new reports: A Rocket or a Runway? | Examining Venture Growth during and after Acceleration and Does Acceleration Work? | Five years of evidence from the Global Accelerator Learning Initiative this year.

We then hosted an informal conversation between accelerators/incubators and investors to discuss some of the insights from the research as well as their observations.

23-07-21 ANDE Impact Measurement and Management 101
Impact management is essential for any socially focused organization. While many organizations understand the importance of impact management, they often have limited capacity or knowledge to properly utilize data and build a culture of impact management.

This introduction workshop adapted from comprehensive workshop series developed from ANDE in partnership with Social Value International. It aims to provide an overview of impact measurement, using accelerators and other business types as an example, to those who desire to develop and build systems and a culture of impact measurement and management.

29-10-21  GALI Innovative Programs

We hosted a roundtable to discuss the innovative acceleration program, from its design to implementation and measurement through collaborative-lens with financial sustainability in mind. Accelerator representatives shared thought-provoking examples. The session took the format of a round table via ‘gather’, so participants had the ability to switch the tables and join different topics.

Interested in joining for a thought-provoking session on the path to delivering more innovative and sustainable acceleration programs in the future, please feel free to contact us.

ANDE staff contact: Joy Munthamraksa

Featured Resource
Acceleration in Asia-Pacific

This knowledge brief includes application and one-year follow-up data from 473 ventures operating in emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region to better understand short-term impacts and key challenges. In addition, three accelerators from the region are profiled to give a closer look at how programs are adapting to meet local needs.