Advancing Research and Investment Standards for Gender Equity
Through support from Global Affairs Canada, Advancing Research and Investment Standards for Gender Equity (ARISE) is a three-year project aiming to accelerate the adoption of gender analysis and expertise within investments and ultimately improve gender equality outcomes for women, girls, and nonbinary individuals in emerging markets.
In collaboration with Criterion Institute and 2X Global, we aim to widen the pool of women’s rights and civil society organizations that are equipped to work alongside investors in the fields of Gender Lens Investing (GLI) and innovative finance, support the ability of donors to advance these best practices; and direct the growing amount of capital flowing to the field of GLI to investments that are more likely to achieve gender equality and development outcomes.

The Road to Gender Equity Through Finance: A Call to Action

To fully leverage the potential of impact investing, we must:

  1. Invest in Gender Expertise: Support organizations that understand the complexities of gender equality.
  2. Build Bridges: Fund those who translate between the worlds of gender and finance, advancing the field of gender lens investing.
  3. Prioritize Inclusive Research: Promote research grounded in robust gender analysis.
  4. Explore Innovative Approaches: Develop new ways to use finance as a tool for achieving gender equality.
  5. Challenge Power Dynamics: Create frameworks that address biases and privilege within the investment process.

Let’s act now to ensure gender-informed decision-making shapes the future of finance.

Empowering Gender Equality Through Finance: Upcoming ARISE Workshops


ANDE, in collaboration with the Criterion Institute and 2X Global, leads the Advancing Research and Investment Standards for Gender Equity (ARISE) initiative. This project bridges the gap between gender equality objectives and the world of finance. Two upcoming workshops offer opportunities for engagement:

  • India: ANDE Translation Workshop (May 22nd, New Delhi) This workshop equips participants to translate gender equality expertise into actionable investment strategies. It’s designed for those seeking to align their gender-focused work with financial tools and language. Learn more and register here.

  • Colombia: ARISE Workshop: Elevating Gender Lens Investing (May 29th-30th, Bogotá) Discover the fundamentals of gender lens investing and explore its potential to drive broader social change.

  • Register and inquire: Complete this form or contact Estephannia Herrera estephannia.herrera @

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