The ANDE Pan African Digitalization Learning Lab_3.0
December 1, 2021
10AM GMT +1
Start Date December 1, 2021
Time 10AM GMT +1
Location Online
ANDE Contact Ajoke Omoware

The pandemic accelerated a transition towards digitalization for many Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) and the intermediaries that support them. What was perceived as a buzzword last year has now become an important process required by organizations to overcome challenges and work towards a quick transformation of processes and services.

Our goal is to support SGBs and intermediaries as they discover what digitalization means to their organizations. The Learning Labs will provide guidance into the next step on your digitalization path, through practical knowledge, exercises, and exchange between ANDE members.

Join us for the third Session of the ANDE Pan African Digitalization Learning Lab, a collective knowledge network where digital and development meet. ANDE Digitalization Learning Labs are part of the Global Inclusive Growth Partnership (GIGP), a collaboration between the Aspen Institute and the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.

Who’s participating?

  • ANDE members in East and West Africa with similar digitalization needs.
  • Experts with field experience in tech, innovation, and the development sector.

Kindly contact Ajoke Omoware for any questions related to West Africa, and Edna Karanga for questions related to East Africa.