Best Practices for Data Collection, Virtual Impact Measurement and Management Training
February 28, 2024
9:30 - 11:00 AM (GMT+7)
Start Date February 28, 2024
Time 9:30 - 11:00 AM (GMT+7)
Location Online

ANDE East and Southeast Asia will conduct a new Impact Measurement and Management Training on Wednesday, 28 February 2024. Titled “Best Practices for Data Collection,” this initiative is part of ANDE’s commitment to enhancing professionals’ proficiency in social impact.

The training is designed to equip participants with vital impact measurement and management competencies, focusing on effective data collection strategies and how to prevent unfortunate and costly mistakes.

Mallory St. Claire, the leading expert in impact measurement at ANDE, will drive the session. Her expertise promises to offer valuable insights and practical know-how, catering to established professionals and field newcomers.

Key aspects of the training include

  • Exploration of sophisticated data collection practices, as outlined by field experts.
  • Introduction to novel methodologies and tools that are redefining social impact measurement.
  • Hands-on sessions and detailed case studies, facilitating a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Networking opportunities with leading professionals and influential figures in the social impact sector.

Check out our agenda.

Registration Details

The event has limited slots, accommodating only two individuals per organization, which underscores the demand and exclusive nature of this highly specialized training. Registrations are open until January 27, emphasizing early sign-ups due to space constraints.

This training session offers a valuable opportunity for professionals eager to improve their skills and significantly impact their work. We urge interested professionals to review the agenda and RSVP by the deadline to secure their place in this rewarding professional development event.

Mallory St.Claire
About trainer:

Mallory St. Claire, serving as ANDE’s Impact Manager, has been a key member of the research and impact team since December 2019. Her extensive experience spans international development and impact measurement. Mallory’s career includes roles in India, Kenya, and Bangladesh, where she was instrumental in designing and executing monitoring and evaluation projects. Her responsibilities include managing the organization’s internal impact measurement systems and overseeing project evaluations. She also provides consultancy to ANDE members to enhance their Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) practices and is dedicated to bolstering IMM capacity within the sector.