ANDE x GSMA: Empowering Climate Resilience Through Digital Entrepreneurship
March 20, 2024
15:30 - 16:45 (BKK GMT+7)
Start Date March 20, 2024
Time 15:30 - 16:45 (BKK GMT+7)
Location Online

ANDE East and Southeast Asia, ANDE South Asia, and GSMA cordially invite you to join a knowledge-sharing session on ‘Empowering Climate Resilience Through Digital Entrepreneurship’.

Climate change, exceeding 1°C above pre-industrial levels, urgently impacts humanity, particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). This session will present the role of digital and mobile-enabled solutions in addressing climate change. It highlights interventions with significant potential to mitigate, adapt to, and build resilience against climate change in LMICs.

Our featured entrepreneurs will guide us through how they harness the potential of climate data and analytics to effectively address the pressing issues of climate change and create meaningful impact for government, enterprises, and farmers.

Join us for an engaging conversation that goes beyond borders and lays the groundwork for a more sustainable future in climate-digital entrepreneurship within the region.

About the speakers

Daniel GSMA Headshot
Daniel Teoh

Daniel Teoh is a Market Engagement Manager with the ClimateTech programme at GSMA where he supports the deployment of technologies to promote climate resilience in developing countries though the GSMA Innovation Fund and partnerships. Prior to his role at the GSMA, Daniel worked extensively on community development projects in rural communities and building social impact ventures in Southeast Asia.

Allister Ayque Photo
Allister Ayque

Allister Ayque is an international social development practitioner that specializes in community development, social inclusion and disaster risk reduction management. He is the Co-Founder and COO of Komunidad. Komunidad is a Climate Resilience & Sustainability Software Company that accelerates the transition to a resilient and low carbon economy. The company focuses on the immediate challenges of Climate Change which are (1) Localizing climate risk analysis and natural disaster risk management and (2) Automating sustainability data gathering, analysis and reporting. Komunidad developed a fusion of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation tools narrowed down to the real problems of Businesses, SMEs/MSMEs and Governments.

Junaid Pic
Junaid Yamin

The energetic CEO and founder of WeatherWalay, Mr. Yamin, is determined to
change the way Pakistan perceives its weather. He took on the project since he was dissatisfied with the current weather platforms. While large weather conglomerates dismissed Pakistan as unimportant, Mr. Yamin considered it a local issue that needed a local solution. He founded WeatherWalay after moving from Australia to Pakistan in an effort to change the weather locally. WeatherWalay has quickly grown to provide six-language digital, SMS, IVR, and contact center services to 21 million Pakistanis.

Mr. Yamin is an educated force and an entrepreneur with a mission. He is also
a campaigner in the fight against climate change. Equipped with postgraduate degrees in Business Process Innovation, Professional Accounting, and Marketing from both NUST and the Australian National University, he brings a strategic blend of knowledge to the helm. Funding and Pakistan’s sought GSMA climate change award were made possible by his unwavering dedication to combating climate change.

WeatherWalay is a global player in addition to being a local sensation. Its
reputation across the world has been cemented by partnerships with PMD
Pakistan, the New Zealand MET Service, Synoptic, Excarta and AEM to name a few. With the deployment of over 250 Automated Weather Stations, WeatherWalay, the first private weather firm in Pakistan, offers the first network of AWS, transforming the nation’s capacity for weather monitoring. Under Mr. Yamin’s direction, WeatherWalay has become a success story and established itself as a leader at the nexus of innovation, sustainability, and technical impact.

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