ANDE West Africa Talent Management Workshop
March 22, 2022
2PM GMT +1
Start Date March 22, 2022
Time 2PM GMT +1
Location Online
ANDE Contact Joshua Adedeji

The ANDE West Africa Chapter is excited to invite you to the upcoming Talent Management Workshop, which is part of the Capacity Development Series supported by Aspire Coronation Trust (ACT) FoundationThis session will provide unique insights into the talent management landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa, and share tools that enable Entrepreneurs Support Organizations (ESOs) and the businesses they support to think strategically and holistically about their talent resources, systems, and practices, with emphasis on attracting, retaining and growing their talent. The session will be facilitated by Open Capital Advisors (OCA), a management consulting and financial advisory firm that has provided talent diagnostic.

Ideal participants for this workshop are SGBs and ESOs that are keen to strengthen their talent, HR practices and systems, as well as those that would like to understand the importance of talent and what to prioritize in their approaches to talent and HR. This includes investors, capacity and business development support providers, incubators/accelerators, and other entrepreneurial ecosystem actors.

Kindly contact Joshua Adedeji for any questions.