ANDE South Asia Convening 2023: Accelerating Action in the Region
November 28, 2023- November 30, 2023
11 AM onwards & 3 PM onwards
Start Date November 28, 2023
End Date November 30, 2023
Time 11 AM onwards & 3 PM onwards
Location Online
ANDE Contact Saipriya Salla

ANDE South Asia Convening 2023: Accelerating Action in the Region

ANDE is delighted to announce that we are hosting the second edition of the successful ANDE South Asia Convening this year. We are grateful to be partnered on this by BetterStories Ltd, SAFAL Partners, PTH Venture Studio, Katalyst Labs, nVentures and World University Service of Canada.

The theme for this conference - Accelerating Action in the Region

We look forward to convening experts from across the region to discuss and share insights on strengthening the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Join in as we discuss climate and environmental entrepreneurship, gender equality in small and growing businesses (SGBs) and resilience in SGBs with a focus on how cross-border collaboration and knowledge sharing can help accelerate growth across ecosystems.

Who is this convening for?

If you are an Entrepreneur Support Organization (ESO), investor, funder or someone who works supporting small & growing businesses in multiple aspects, this convening is for you!

Stakeholders working with SGBs are aware of how critical it is to foster an atmosphere that is encouraging of risk-taking, offer access to finance, and the abilty accomplish all of this quickly enough to have an effect yet slowly enough to allow for development. If you are someone who is part of the ESO network, this convening will provide access to discourse that will be vital for your work moving forward. We also encourage entrepreneurs and SGBs to attend, if the topics are of relevance and interest.


Agenda for the Convening

Click here to view the agenda in detail!


Partners for the convening
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