ANDE Investment Manager Training – Asia
February 19, 2024- February 23, 2024

The ANDE Investment Manager Training is the only course of its kind which provides a comprehensive overview of investing in small and growing businesses.

Start Date February 19, 2024
End Date February 23, 2024
Location Online
ANDE Contact Pasiwat Sutthirak
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The beautiful land of Phuket, Thailand had the pleasure of welcoming ANDEs Investment Manager Training (IMT) once again to the country. The event saw the participation of 26 diverse and talented leaders across 16 countries. From entrepreneurs, fund managers, INGO’s to impact investors and capacity development providers. This event acted as a platform to network, understand and learn from different perspectives and experiences, both inside and outside the class.

The ANDE Investment Manager Training is the only course of its kind that provides a comprehensive overview of investing in small and growing businesses. The course is designed both for investment managers who are actively making investments in SGBs and capacity development providers who are working to support entrepreneurs through the investment process.

This 5 – day comprehensive training served as a gateway to cutting-edge insights for investing in early-stage deals within emerging markets, specifically tailored for our participants in a transformative in-person learning experience, delving into valuable insights on a diverse range of topics each day. Th program was facilitated  our exceptional instructor, John Kohler, delivering an insightful, hands-on, and interactive training experience that made the training both an informative yet fun learning experience. Moreover, the participants were provided with an opportunity to gain invaluable real-world perspectives, enriching their learning journey immensely through the interactions with entrepreneur and investor guest speakers.

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Investment Manager Training: Over the 5 days

On day one, the participants delved into valuable insights on the Art of the deal making, Fund construction, Fund themes and Strategy and Value Chain Investing. 

On day two, participants learned about the intricacies of Investment Screening, due diligence processes and scoring. They engaged in lively knowledge sharing, debates and discussions. Participants had an opportunity to hear directly from an entrepreneur who has experienced raising capital and managing relationships with investors. They gained invaluable insights straight from the source as the entrepreneur shared their journey

Day three saw participants digging deep into ESG, gender and other investing lens’ for impact, financial instruments, term sheet, negotiation and blended finance. The investor panel discussion allowed the participants to hear real stories, insights, and experiences in the impact investing journey. They gained valuable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of investing in SGBs, especially through the lenses of gender and climate considerations.

On day four, participants were immersed in sessions covering structure and valuation, cash flow and metrics – measuring Impact. The day presented a unique opportunity for participants to broaden their understanding through dynamic knowledge exchanges and lively discussions.

Day 5 was the final stretch of IMT. Participants were fully engaged in sessions covering Post – investment monitoring and support on company performance, board governance and adding value. This day offered a fantastic opportunity for attendees to expand their knowledge through lively discussions and dynamic exchanges.

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A big shout out to all participants for their valuable contributions and active engagement throughout the event as well as to our instructor John Kohler, a pioneer in the impact investment field. Looking forward to engaging and collaborating with you all more to scale our existing initiatives through investing for impact in the developing and emerging markets!

John Kohler
About John Kohler

For the past several years, John has been Director of Impact Capital at Santa Clara’s Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship and mentor to social entrepreneurs at the Global Social Benefit Accelerator. From authoring influential reports on coordinating impact capital to co-founding Toniic, a syndication network of impact investors, he’s always at the forefront of cutting-edge investment strategies. Currently, he’s pioneering the ‘Variable Payment Obligation’, which presents investors with a ‘structured exit’ alternative to traditional equity.

In addition to his rich background in executive roles at industry giants like HP, Silicon Graphics and Netscape Communications, plus his investment leadership including successful ventures at companies like AdRelevance, Mosaic Communications, NetGravity, RedCreek Communications, and Wireless Online, John also served as a board member and plays advisory roles at various leading international NGOs and their impact funds. He received his Bachelor’s degree concentrating in international economics from UCLA and completed executive programs at Wharton and Stanford business schools.

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