ACT Foundation Workshop Series – Unveiling Lucrative Business and Investment Frontiers
March 5, 2024
Start Date March 5, 2024
Time 11AM GMT
Location Online
ANDE Contact Ajoke Omoware

West Africa is at a pivotal crossroads where the impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly evident, posing significant challenges to its socio-economic development. However, amidst these challenges lie untapped opportunities for innovative businesses and sustainable investments that not only mitigate climate risks but also foster economic growth and resilience in the region. The objective of this session is to explore the burgeoning realm of business and investment opportunities for climate adaptation in West Africa.


The need for climate adaptation in West Africa is urgent, given the region’s vulnerability to climate-related risks such as extreme weather events, sea-level rise, and shifts in precipitation patterns. The World Bank estimates that climate change could push over 86 million people in sub-Saharan Africa into poverty by 2030. Addressing these challenges requires proactive measures that leverage the private sector’s ingenuity and financial resources.


  • To identify key climate adaptation challenges facing West Africa.
  • To explore innovative business models and investment mechanisms for climate resilience.
  • To assess the economic and social benefits of investing in climate adaptation initiatives.
  • To outline strategies for fostering partnerships between governments, businesses, and investors to catalyze climate adaptation efforts.