ANDE Launches Resource Hub to Measure Social and Environmental Impact
Click the image to visit the hub.

Thanks to this new initiative by ANDE, entrepreneurs and investors can now access a free online library to gauge their work’s social and environmental effects.

The Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) Resource Hub provides a one-stop shop for practical tools and guidance. Funded by the Tipping Point Fund on Impact Investing (TPF), the website caters to various players within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

These are some key features of the new resource hub:

      • Getting Started: This section offers introductory materials and resources for those new to IMM.
      • Tailored Guidance: Users can explore specific areas like gender equality, climate action, and decent work through dedicated “how-to” pages.
      • In-Depth Resources: The hub also features metrics repositories, frameworks, and guides on integrating social considerations into impact measurement.

ANDE encourages contributions to enrich the platform further. Individuals with relevant resources can submit them directly through the website.

Good measures

Measuring an initiative’s social and environmental impact goes beyond simply feeling good. Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) equips businesses and investors with the tools to make data-driven decisions. Through effective IMM, organizations can:

      • Gain a clearer picture of their social and environmental contributions: This allows them to identify areas where they are creating positive change and address any unintended negative consequences.
      • Allocate resources strategically: By understanding which initiatives have the greatest demonstrable impact, businesses and investors can prioritize funding and efforts towards areas with the most significant social and environmental benefits.
      • Contribute to a more efficient impact investing landscape: Standardized measurement practices across the board make it easier to compare different initiatives and ensure resources are directed towards those with the strongest potential for positive change.

ANDE welcomes contributions from the community to expand the reach and effectiveness of the IMM Resource Hub.