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Learning Lab Construct

Enter a world where small and growing businesses (SGBs) are becoming unsung heroes, shaping economies and driving progress in developing countries, especially in India. With 5 to 250 employees and a passion for growth, these commercially viable companies are critical to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. This Learning Lab enters the of realm of SGBs and explores their the critical role they play in supporting equitable and sustainable development and their potential for doing so much more to achieve SDG 8. Join us on a journey designed to spark conversations, inspire knowledge sharing and create a platform for meaningful change.

Unleashing the power of decent work

In pursuit of economic growth, the International Labor Organization (ILO) defines the concept of “decent work”; as a key foundation. This includes productive employment that offers a fair income, security, social protection, fundamental rights, equal opportunities, opportunities for personal growth and a voice for all. Decent work is not only the key to fighting poverty, but also serves as a pathway to inclusive development and peaceful societies. Although India has experienced remarkable economic growth in recent years, the shadow of inequality is immense. This brings us to a key aspect of SGB: the quality of the jobs it creates.

Beyond job creation: Promoting quality jobs

While SMEs make a significant contribution to job creation, we need to focus on the quality of those jobs. Our goal in this learning lab is to foster in-depth discussions and facilitate knowledge-sharing between facilitators committed to supporting entrepreneurs and innovators in their quest to create quality and decent jobs. Together we will explore the multiple dimensions of “good work”; and unveil the key role facilitators play in enabling SGB to achieve this. We will also look at metrics that can effectively measure progress in creating decent jobs, paving the way for greater impact and positive change.

Including collaborative solutions

The learning lab we’re introducing today serves as a dynamic space for global dialogue, knowledge generation, and collaborative action. As we deepen our understanding of quality jobs, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey. By leveraging the insights shared on this platform, we have the opportunity to shape a future where GBS become agents of change, create sustainable growth, promote equal opportunity, and bring peace and security to communities and businesses.

Introducing the Learning Lab Co-Chairs

We are thrilled to announce that Upaya Social Ventures and Dalberg, two pioneering organizations in the realm of social impact, have joined forces as the co-chairs of the Learning Lab (LL). Together, they will play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of this transformative initiative. As co-chairs, their responsibilities encompass working closely with ANDE to chart the LL’s course, curating a diverse and relevant participant pool, and orchestrating engaging discussions and convenings that not only add value but also align with the LL’s goals.

Igniting Action: The Core Group

At the heart of the Learning Lab lies a dynamic core group comprising four to five organizations that will collaborate closely with ANDE and the co-chairs. This select group will serve as the backbone of the LL, fostering consistent and active participation across all convenings. With a shared vision to transition from a Learning Lab to an Action Lab, these trailblazers will strive to co-design tangible outputs that fuel positive change within the ecosystem. Additionally, they will play a crucial role in driving discussions, suggesting thought-provoking topics, and unearthing opportunities that can be leveraged for greater impact.

Your Commitment Counts

We understand that time is a precious resource, which is why we value the commitment of every participant in the Learning Lab. For the core group members, we kindly request your presence at a minimum of four LL convenings, amounting to a total of 5-6 hours. This dedicated engagement will allow us to collectively forge ahead, exchanging insights and experiences that propel us towards actionable outcomes. Moreover, we seek your support in LL planning and activities, investing approximately 2 hours per quarter to ensure the Lab’s success.

Engaging the Collective: Participants of the Learning Lab

While the core group forms the nucleus of the LL, we enthusiastically invite a wider circle of organizations to join the conversation and contribute their unique perspectives. As semi-consistent participants, you will have the opportunity to engage with LL discussions, sharing your invaluable insights and experiences. We understand the demands on your time and appreciate your presence at a minimum of two out of four LL convenings, totaling approximately 2-3 hours. Your contribution will enrich the collective dialogue and foster a collaborative spirit within the Lab.

Together, Let’s Transform the Ecosystem

The Learning Lab is more than just a forum for discussion—it’s a catalyst for tangible change. With Upaya Social Ventures and Dalberg as co-chairs, supported by the dedicated core group and an array of dynamic participants, we have the ingredients for a transformative journey. By collaborating, sharing knowledge, and igniting action, we can unlock the full potential of the Learning Lab, creating meaningful outputs that benefit not only the participating organizations but also the broader ecosystem.

Goal: Create the awareness for quality and dignity in jobs for the poor

As the Learning Lab takes shape, it’s crucial to outline the desired outcomes, outputs, and activities that will guide our collective journey towards catalyzing “decent job creation” through small and growing businesses (SGBs). With a focus on comprehensive discussions, knowledge sharing, and knowledge creation, our aim is to build the capacities of Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) and equip them with the tools needed to foster high-quality jobs within the SGB ecosystem. Let’s dive into the key activities and milestones that will shape the Lab’s transformative impact.

Sharing Knowledge and Driving Impact As the Learning Lab progresses, our ultimate goal is to generate tangible outcomes that create lasting impact. To consolidate the knowledge generated through our discussions and convenings, we will create various outputs that capture key insights. These outputs will include a highlight blog or article on the ANDE website, shedding light on the Lab’s groundbreaking findings, and providing a platform for sharing best practices. Additionally, we will collaborate with external platforms to publish a blog, article or op-ed, amplifying our message and reaching a broader audience. By disseminating our knowledge through these channels, we can inspire action, shape narratives, and foster meaningful change within the SGB ecosystem.

Your voice matters, and together, we can pave the way for a brighter future

The Learning Lab’s activities, outputs, and desired outcomes are designed to drive collaborative action and create a sustainable impact. By empowering ESOs, leveraging ecosystem-building initiatives like the DJC, and sharing knowledge through compelling outputs, we aim to unlock the full potential of SGBs in generating high-quality jobs. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey, where the power of collaboration will shape a future where decent work and economic growth go hand in hand. Together, let’s seize this opportunity to drive positive change and foster an ecosystem that empowers SGBs to thrive and create meaningful impact.

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