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The Somo Project (Somo)
Last updated on 26 Jul 2023
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Somo Africa is a non-profit registered in the US, Kenya, and Tanzania that provides a full range of business support to marginalized social entrepreneurs in East Africa. We envision a world where entrepreneurs from low-income communities are equipped to unlock their potential as champions of locally rooted sustainability. Somo empowers these low-income entrepreneurs to transform their communities by launching, building, and scaling their social impact businesses through our needs-based, human-centered business support model. We connect entrepreneurs with the right mentors, equip them with the right tools, and facilitate access to financing and markets so they can develop long-term solutions for economic growth and better livelihoods. By supporting entrepreneurs through the full business lifecycle with our sequenced programs and services, Somo invests in the potential of people from low-income areas to create systemic change. Somo deviates from the typical top-down development approach, with Somo entrepreneurs promoting and owning their ideas, innovations, and decisions, putting local communities at the forefront of achieving sustainable development and growth.