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Birmingham, United States
Last updated on 18 Nov 2022
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I own and manage an agritech consulting company partnered with technology providers in creating solution to small and medium farmers in developing economies. The mission of my organization is to support these farmers especially from economies that are major contributors oil producing food but left out in the value chain to have access to technology, credit and inputs along with access to market. Agriculture is the major contributor to GDP in the countries we are working now. But climate action towards agriculture contributing to green house was important because it might soon have negative impact in these economies. In creating this value to small farmers we are developing an ecosystem where partners are involved in enabling other requirements includes Universities, Investment Bankers, NGOs, Farmer Organizations, other agricultural allied services. In Ghana where our model has already started we are trying to especially support women run agricultural activities along with building capacity for youth in technology for agriculture. Today's generation has moved away from agriculture with mean age of a farmer being 55-60. I strongly believe that a tech enabled agriculture where organizations like ours are bringing together many players to not just solve the problems of agriculture but environment, climate change, youth empowerment and gender equality.